Dieter Kosslick - Taste

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Dieter Kosslick - Taste

Dieter Kosslick, Director of the International Film Festival Berlinale, speaks to us about what he (probably) loves most: the taste of food - how it can lead you to a better life (or even a better world) and how it goes together with an overall understanding of aesthetic. this enthusiastic man builds a bridge from educational theories from the sixties to the leading heads behind the slow-food movements. please note the links - here´s a lot to learn!

April 28th, 2008
Berlinale Office, Berlin

Director of Photography: Sven Haeusler
Sound Recording: Bennedict Sicheneder
Interview and Visual Concept: Sven Haeusler
Drawing: Katrin Warneke, Design Services Berlin
Animation: Max Müller-Heidelberg

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