Billy Bragg - Anger

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Billy Bragg - Anger

Billy Bragg, for many people the embodiment of the "angry young man", talks to us about anger - his very own, the world´s and the anger of people sitting in prison.
Back from the eighties, when he supported the striking coal-miners, until now, Billy Bragg is one of the most ambitious and active musicians when it comes to fighting injustice and helping minorities.
we were pretty impressed by his ability to talk in complete sentences at a time when other musicians do not even think about leaving the bed.
This man throws out words as if they were sharp knifes and in fact they stick to your brain and accompany you through the day.
Although it is not only highly recommended but simply good for your health to listen to Billy Bragg´s songs, he explains why listening to them is just not enough. please expect some hints on how to transform anger into something positive and which role Joe Strummer played in Bragg´s "jail guitar doors" project... and now start a revolution of your own.

March 6th, 2008
Akzent Hotel, Berlin

Director of Photography: Sven Müller
Interview and Visual Concept: Sven Haeusler

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